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Degreasing in detail

The residue-free surface-cleaning of a material is required before it comes to further processing, to professionally coating, or just selling the material. With our new Ecoclean system made by DÜRR the E. Krieg GmbH is providing you suitable solutions for a large number of cleaning tasks within the scope of contractual degreasing.

Besides, this system is an enlargement of our range of pretreatment services prior to our main specialty: the high quality surface coating!

In this context you can find various designations like degreasing, metal cleaning, metal surface-cleaning and component-cleaning in common parlance. These designations are quite case specific and apply only partially or do not apply at all. On the one hand, the case could involve plastic or composite materials, on the other hand a cleaning process required is not necessarily limited to degreasing only.

This cleaning procedure is not only determined by relevant criteria like the used cleaning detergent, exposure time, zone control and temperature but by specific mechanical influence (i.e. agitation and application) as well.

Within this connection you find a wide range of techniques and combinations:

  • Spraying
  • Showering
  • Flooding
  • Vapour degreasing
  • Movement of parts to be cleaned (rotation, oscillation, swiveling )
  • Ultrasonic cleaning at different frequencies

The so called peripherals of every cleaning technique offer the possibility of interference on the cleaning bath regulation to ensure the highest possible service life and cleaning potential of the detergents.

Moreover, this is supported by the continuous discharge of soiling residues – as it is practised by the E. Krieg GmbH as well.
In addition to an outstanding efficiency, with the high technical standard of our cleaning system, we set an example for the protection of man and environment.